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We Are SoccerGemz

Just drop in any SoccerGemz class and you will see why the success of our program relies on the energy and passion of our dedicated coaches which makes it easy for players to have fun during each class. SoccerGemz classes are more than just a youth soccer program, our purpose is really to help your child grow on many levels including social, emotional and athletically to help them have a memorable experience. So while you won’t see players standing around or boring drills, you will however see coaches running around acting like kids themselves, parent’s positive encouragement and players laughing, learning and having fun. Our non-pressure environment and curriculum makes it easy for players of all skill levels to join and feel confident while participating.  

Our class times and locations provide families options to accommodate multiple children and busy schedules so that means only one class a week. Class sizes are kept small limited to 14 players so that players receive more individual attention to help them develop friendships.



Our History

SoccerGemz started in 2012 to offer a outrageously fun ways to introduce your young athlete to the exciting game of soccer. Our classes use age appropriate games and drills to build their passion and love for soccer at an early age. Each coach brings passion, personality and a unique approach to coaching that will help to develop your child enjoy their experience.

SoccerGemz classes provides each player with a ball to incorporate basic dribbling, shooting and passing games that ensures each player has many touches on the ball while eliminating standing around for players. Classes are available to children ages 18 months to 8 years.




Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a quality soccer program that will engage and stimulate your child helping them to develop soccer skills while building confidence, and learning the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship over the importance of winning.

SoccerGemz programs are designed for children ages 18 months to 8 years of age to come and experience the excitement that each class has to offer.


SoccerGemz has been a great experience for my child. He really enjoys going to practice every week. The coaches do an amazing job of keeping the kids attention and teaching the basic skills in fun ways. I enjoyed seeing his progress in a non-competitive environment. This is a very organized top quality program for kids and parents.

SoccerGemz provides the perfect age appropriate activities and learning for early soccer and team skills. Coaches are fun, motivating and attentive to the children. The atmosphere is supportive and playful as well. Children are kept engaged in the activities and “game” play is productive with every player on the field; unlike other programs that have preschool-aged children waiting on the sidelines for extended time without an activity or coach. The coaches are clearly dedicated and knowledgeable about the sport and I witnessed them utilize an activity, when they saw it wasn’t working they quickly adapted and went on to an activity the better suited the group. They are very clear about explaining activities and keep up with the changing pace of new and experienced players. There is always an administrative person on the field to trouble shoot or answer questions if needed. On the last day there is a jumper and other fun things for the kids, which my little one certainly enjoyed more than the pricey jersey required for another league. I cannot say enough about this organization in terms of affordability, age appropriate play, customer service and overall satisfaction with the coaches/staff! Thank you SoccerGemz, you rock!

This is my 3rd session in a row with SoccerGemz. My kids are 2 and 5. They have a great time at soccer each week. It’s amazing to see the improvement from session to session. All of the coach’s are friendly, knowledgeable and great with the kids. It’s also a great way to meet new people. Thank you SoccerGemz for a fantastic program.