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SoccerGemz is proud to be the only soccer program in the surrounding Tampa Bay area that offer’s mommy and me classes for toddlers. SoccerGemz classes are offered once a week throughout the year at learning centers, parks and churches in the Tampa area. Come join our fun and experience the excitement today! 

Building Skills and Confidence

Our experienced coaches are able to teach the basic fundamentals of soccer through fun games.


SoccerGemz coaches understands that creating a personal relationship with the players and families are equally as important as playing the game itself.

Making Soccer Fun

Our coaches will use a variety of prompts such as tunnels to help increase the excitement for your child in each class.

Register for Programs

Rubyz 18month-2 year old

This Rubyz class is mommy/daddy & me where toddlers begin to improve their motor and social skills through fun instructional games and obstacle courses while learning the basic fundamentals of soccer. Activities require parent participation.

Each Class last 45 min
Registration includes: Shirt, a participation certificate and fun day

Pearlz 3-5 year old

Pearlz in this class will develop an understanding of the engaging and exciting aspects of soccer, improving their listening, social and athletic skills through age-appropriate activities. Each activity is designed to be fun and fast pace. Players are independent in this group and Scrimmages are introduced at the end of each so players start playing as a team.

Each class last 60 min
Registration includes: Jersey, medal and fun day

Diamondz 6-8 year old

Diamondz will continue to build and develop their previous skills through fun and creative drills, but they will also be introduced to more advanced skills while continuing to encourage sportsmanship and friendly competition during scrimmages.

Each class last 60 min
Registration includes: Jersey, medal and fun day

Play more as a new Franchisee

Are you searching for a rewarding career?

Why not join the SoccerGemz family an emerging brand and become our newest franchisee. At SoccerGemz, we understand that as a new owner the importance of having a business opportunity that offers several revenue streams. That is why we developed business models that fit your territory needs. We will show you how to operate fun classes for ages 18 months to 8 years old that will keep players engaged, build relationships with parents and most importantly get customers coming back for the next session. Once you are on board and commit to becoming our next franchisee, our staff will make sure you have our support well beyond the grand opening. You not only become a part of the SoccerGemz system, we become Family and partners in your and your success.

So…If you’re ready to take the next step towards changing your life, let the journey begin!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Start offering session in less than 3 months
  • Fun easy to follow age-appropriate curriculum
  • Great income potential
  • A protected territory
  • On-Site training
  • On-going business operations, marketing and strategy support
  • Customized website
  • Unlimited potential; franchisees are encouraged to operate multiple leagues at different locations throughout their protected territory.
  • A marketing game plan and equipment kit to help you launch…

Steps to becoming a SoccerGemz Franchisee:

  1. Complete a short pre-qualification application to see if you’re eligible to become a franchisee.
  2. Introductory call from a SoccerGemz development team member for qualifications and preliminary information.
  3. Receive the Franchise Disclosure Document to learn the specifications of owning a SoccerGemz exclusive territory and to become a franchisee.
  4. Begin due diligence process.
  5. Attend Play Day in Tampa, Florida, with other soon-to-be franchisees where you’ll learn all the ins and outs of running your own location.
  6. Sign a franchise agreement
  7. Attend training and begin your path to success.

Meet Director – Lutz, FL

Coach Eamonn

Hi.  My name is Coach Eamonn.  I have been coaching youth soccer for the last 12 years.  I have coached children starting at 18 months all the way up to the high school level.  I began playing soccer around age 5, played through high school and recently played in an adult recreational league, which was a blast!  As you can tell, I LOVE soccer!  But more importantly, I LOVE working with children and helping them discover and develop their skills.  I am married and have two children (Ages 15 years and 22 months) that play soccer as well.  I enjoy coaching at SOCCERGEMZ because the focus is on the kids learning while having fun in a non-competitive environment.  I also like the way the coaches work together to make sure it is a great experience for the kids and the parents.  See you at the fields!

PHONE: 813-421-5203

EMAIL: Eamonn@SoccerGemz.com

Meet Our Coaches


Rubyz Coach


Pearlz Coach



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