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What We Offer

If you are a first time parent or a returning parent our parent resource page is a great place to visit to find out the latest information about any ongoing or upcoming SoccerGemz program. Our website has a range of information that parents can utilize to get the most out of our program during the session.
Parents can impact their child’s sporting experience like no one else, but here at SoccerGemz we want to make sure that you are able to do it in a way the positively leaves a lasting impression for them.
We encourage parents to be actively involved which can range from being a snack coordinator or simply helping out when requested by a coach. If you are looking for photo forms, or when can you bring a friend for a free trial or when can your child move up then you can find it all here!



What Our Parents Say About SoccerGemz 

“Fun Over Competition”

SoccerGemz provides the perfect age appropriate activities and learning for early soccer and team skills. Coaches are fun, motivating and attentive to the children. The atmosphere is supportive and playful as well. Children are kept engaged in the activities and “game” play is productive with every player on the field; unlike other programs that have preschool-aged children waiting on the sidelines for extended time without an activity or coach. The coaches are clearly dedicated and knowledgeable about the sport and I witnessed them utilize an activity, when they saw it wasn’t working they quickly adapted and went on to an activity the better suited the group. They are very clear about explaining activities and keep up with the changing pace of new and experienced players. There is always an administrative person on the field to trouble shoot or answer questions if needed. On the last day there is a jumper and other fun things for the kids, which my little one certainly enjoyed more than the pricey jersey required for another league. I cannot say enough about this organization in terms of affordability, age appropriate play, customer service and overall satisfaction with the coaches/staff! Thank you SoccerGemz, you rock! 

– The Holland Family

“Best Soccer Club”

An excellent program that gives kids at all levels a chance to get out there and enjoy soccer! My son loved his session with Coach M, made some buddies along the way, and was very proud of his “soccer skills” that he learned! Absolutely worth it to get your kids exposed to such a fun sport with people who really know how to coach to their level.

– Mellisa T.



Parents below you will find forms that you may need during the session.