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Soccer with Activities for Children for Special Needs

Are you looking for a program that offers activities for children with special needs? Finding the right program to both engage and encourage your child can be difficult. At SoccerGemz, we offer a soccer program with special needs activities designed with your child's best interest in mind.

SoccerGemz special needs activities use soccer as a vehicle to teach life skills to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities including but not limited to Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down Syndrome and more. SoccerGemz believes that every child deserves to be able to enjoy the fun and learning that comes along with participating in a sport. Your little gemz with special needs should not be missing out on those experiences! Our special needs program provides activities for children with special needs ages 18 months-8 years old and will focus on helping your little gem overcome their disabilities and learn the basic mental, physical and technical aspects of soccer by having fun.

A Fun & Beneficial Experience for Any Family

Our program utilizes fun games to help build up your child’s social skills, confidence, motor skills, coordination, self-esteem and overall fitness. Our coaches have experience working with children with special needs and are able to adjust to the pace that your little gemz need to make sure that everyone is learning and having fun while having patience, organization and a calming nature.

This activity can benefit your whole family because:

Our program offers a way for your child to be more physically active without becoming discouraged or overwhelmed with plenty of support from our coaches. This program will break down the games that we play at a slower pace and with more details so that your little gem has a better understanding. We recognize that understanding is key to learning and that some children need a little extra time to understand the game or get the hang of things and we offer that opportunity for your child.

Our program for this group is held on Friday evenings and classes will be at 6pm at our Lutz location. Please CLICK HERE to register your little gem for the upcoming session or call 813-421-5203 with any questions.

Group Size Time Duration
8 Child Max 30-45 Minutes This class is for children with disabilities that require them to have assistance with standing, running, walking, either with a wheelchair or other device
Group Size Time Duration
8 Child Max 30-45 Minutes This class is for children with disabilities including (but not limited to) ASD, ADHD, Anxiety, or developmentally delayed.
Group Size Time Duration
8 Child Max 30-45 Minutes This class is for children with behavioral disabilities that suffer from oppositional defiance disorder, bipolar social anxiety and behavior conduct disorder
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18 Months - 2+ Years

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3 Years - 5 Years

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6 Years - 8 Years

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~ Tiffany ~

"My child has bi-lateral moderate hearing loss so he takes a little more instruction and patience and the coaches did just that but treated him the same as everyone else and he wasnt singled out. I love that! I llloooovvveeeee the coaches and my son had so much fun. We will definitely be back! 🙂 "

SoccerGemz Testimonials, school soccer programs, first session tips,

~ Daniel ~

"My 2 year old absolutely loved her first SoccerGemz season and we can't wait till the next one starts on October 26th! We were very impressed how many soccer skills our daughter learned in such a short period of time and we love all of the coaches! This is a great soccer program for any little boy or girl and it is just a fun atmosphere to be in!"

SoccerGemz Testimonials, school soccer programs, first session tips,

~ Kristie ~

"So glad we signed up for soccergemz my 2 and 5yr old love it!!! They keep asking when they can go back. The coaches are awesome at keeping them engaged and having fun while still learning about soccer! we can’t wait for the next session."

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