SoccerGemz FAQs

SoccerGemz is a program teaching soccer for kids from 18 months old to 8 years old. 

We offer standard session programs with weekly classes. Our classes focus on teaching soccer skills and fundamentals, developmental skills, and social skills. We teach the basics of soccer in a fun, encouraging, and engaging environment for your little Gem. 

Classes are broken up into 3 age groups:

  • Rubyz - 18 months to 2 years 
  • Pearlz - 3 years old to 5 years old
  • Diamondz - 6 years old to 8 years old

We offer a range of soccer programs for kids in each age group including:

For more information on our program details, visit SoccerGemz Youth Soccer Programs.

Our program offers soccer for kids ages 18 months to 8 years old.

Sessions vary in cost depending on the age starting at $150 for (18mo-2yo), $160 for (3yo-5yo) and $170 for (6yo-  8yo) which includes a shirt or jersey, a ribbon, medal or trophy and a fun day at the end of every session.

We also offer other programs such as Mommy and Me Classes, Skillz Challenges, and 3v3 Tournaments which range in prices. For more information on our programs we offer, visit SoccerGemz Youth Soccer Programs.

Sessions are offered year-round with each session lasting 7 weeks. Sessions at enrichment and after school programs start on a monthly basis. 

Parents should bring a chair or towel, snacks, and liquids to keep their child hydrated during lessons. Cleats are optional and a ball is provided for each child.


For more helpful details on how to prepare for your first SoccerGemz session, check out our helpful First Session Tips section.

Parents must register prior to the start of the session. However, parents who would like to register but do not see the option or have missed the deadline for their child's age group are encouraged to give us a call to see if space is still available.

Certainly. During registration, parents can request to have friends/siblings play together in a class. However, it is required that friends/siblings are within the same age group and as long as a class does not exceed the 12:1 kid to coach ratio.

We cannot guarantee children will be separated based on skill level due to group enrollment size.

We offer three different classes based on age groups. Our classes are:

  • Rubyz - 18 months to 2 years 
  • Pearlz - 3 years old to 5 years old
  • Diamondz - 6 years old to 8 years old

We also will at times separate children by date of birth.

*A child cannot move down in a lower age group.

Sessions are offered at several learning centers and schools. Mommy & Me sessions are also offered weekdays during the year. Mommy and Me sessions focus on soccer for kids ages 18 months to 2 years old. 

If you would like our program at your child’s school or have friends and family that would like a weekday class, let us know. If you do not see your school listed, please fill out the New School Info Request form on this Page - SoccerGemz School Programs.

If your child is not having fun and engaged in the games right away, don’t panic and be patient. It can take several weeks for children to get comfortable with new adults and other kids if this is their first time participating.  If you notice a weekly pattern developing just notify their coach or director immediately to address the concern to discuss the best resolution for your child.

At SoccerGemz, it is extremely important to provide outstanding customer service on a consistent basis.  Therefore, we offer several incentives such as returning discounts, a reward card program, and appreciation days such as Doughnuts for Dad and Muffins for Mom to name a few.

Please reach out to a SoccerGemz representative today to find out what additional incentive programs may be offered for families.

We understand that families have other obligations, which is why SoccerGemz is designed to provide convenience in your schedule to help reduce the chances of missed classes.  However, should you know your child will miss a class, we ask that you notify your child's coach which helps improve communication between parents and SoccerGemz. 

For the best results we strongly encourage attending every class.  However, coaches always review the move of the day from the previous week so if your child does miss a class, he/she will receive a quick overview. Missed classes cannot be made up.

Director’s review each refund request on an individual basis.  Prior to registration, we recommend parents review our refund policy.  In every request, SoccerGemz officials will do their best to complete a refund request within 2 weeks prior to the start of a session.  All requests must be made in writing to [email protected].  Soccer Gemz will respond with a decision and a non waivable refund fee of $75 will apply. 

SoccerGemz is designed to not only teach the fundamentals of soccer for kids but also, first and foremost, to make sure each child has fun and can develop their physical and social skills.  Our coaches develop weekly lesson plans that utilize hula hoops, tunnels, parachutes, and other props to keep children engaged.

Additionally, SoccerGemz is the only program in the area to offer Mommy and Me classes for 18 month to 2 year olds. We also offer our Rubyz Program Sessions designed for children as young as 18 months old.

SoccerGemz coaches will make every effort to determine whether or not to cancel class due to rain or inclement weather no later than one hour before the scheduled start time of the class, based on forecasts.  In most cases, drizzle or light rain do not constitute cause for cancellation. Parents should check the SoccerGemz Facebook page for cancellations.

Yes, you can definitely request a specific coach for your child. We will do our best to accommodate your request as long as registration is completed in advance.
SoccerGemz Testimonials, school soccer programs, first session tips,

~ Howie & Kim ~

"This is my 3rd session in a row with SoccerGemz. My kids are 2 and 5. They have a great time at soccer each week. It's amazing to see the improvement from session to session. All of the coach's are friendly, knowledgeable and great with the kids. It's also a great way to meet new people. Thank you SoccerGemz for a fantastic program."

SoccerGemz Testimonials, school soccer programs, first session tips,

~ Tiffany ~

"My child has bi-lateral moderate hearing loss so he takes a little more instruction and patience and the coaches did just that but treated him the same as everyone else and he wasnt singled out. I love that! I llloooovvveeeee the coaches and my son had so much fun. We will definitely be back! 🙂 "

SoccerGemz Testimonials, school soccer programs, first session tips,

~ Sempra ~

"We love Soccer Gemz! We've done Soccer Gemz and their competitor and Soccer Gemz exceeds their competitor in every way! The games are fun but also challenging for the kids. My son loves it!"

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