Youth Soccer Programs with a Purpose

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Find the Right Program for Your Gem!

SoccerGemz offers youth soccer programs created with exciting and engaging curriculums for kids age 18 months to 8 years old. Your child will have a blast with our creative games while learning the basic skills of soccer. We offer a range of program options from Mommy and Me classes, yes this includes DAD's also for our Rubyz age players, to Skills Challenges and the end of each session to motivate and engage our older Pearlz and Diamondz age groups.

Watch as your child’s confidence increases each week as they build their listening, following directions and independent skills.

Scroll down to read more about the details in each of our specific age group that our youth soccer program has to offer.

18 Months - 2+ Years

Our Rubyz group focuses on early development and learning skills for children aged 18 months to 2+ years old. Motor and social skill improvements are made through fun instructional games and obstacle courses, all while learning the basic fundamentals of soccer. Our groups are lead by energetic, creative and passionate coaches who will help guide players and parents to ensure families are getting the best experience.  Activities require parent participation. In this group it is a lot of fun to see the players development over the course of the session. Click our Mommy and Me Classes to read more about our Rubyz program.


3 to 5 Years Old

Once your Gem turns 3, they will move up into our Pearlz class designed for children 3 years old, 4 years old, and 5 years old. Players in this group will continue to develop an understanding the basic aspects and concept of soccer. Our coaches will be sure to make each week fun, engaging and exciting to help improve their listening, social and athletic skills through age-appropriate activities. Each activity is designed to be fun and fast pace, so players are not standing around getting bored. Parents are requested to remain off the field so players can start to become more independent in this group. Scrimmages are introduced at the end of each class so players are introduced to playing as a team.

Pearlz players can also participate in additional activities such as our 3v3 Tournaments or Skills Challenges.

Pearlz Fun

6 to 8 Years

Our Diamondz group is for children 6, 7, and 8 years old. Our coaches will help each Diamondz player with building and developing their current skills through fun and creative drills and games. Coaches will t also introduced more advanced skills, moves of the days and variation concepts of games to make each class fun but also challenging to ensure players are being engaged. Players in the Diamondz group will develop their social and leaderships skills making the session more enjoyable for everyone.  Each class will end friendly competition during scrimmages. While we don't keep score the players usually do lol!

Children in the Diamondz age group (ages 6, 7, and 8) can also sign up for activities like our Skills Challenges or 3v3 Tournaments.


Youth Soccer Program Classes Are Also Provided On Site at Public & Private Schools, Home Schools, and Daycare Learning Centers for Children Kindergarten to 5th Grade

For more information on upcoming schedules and openings for our Mommy and Me Classes, Skills Challenges, and 3v3 Tournaments, feel free to reach out to us.

For more information on School Classes visit the School's Page.

SoccerGemz Testimonials, school soccer programs, first session tips,

~ Sempra ~

"We love Soccer Gemz! We've done Soccer Gemz and their competitor and Soccer Gemz exceeds their competitor in every way! The games are fun but also challenging for the kids. My son loves it!"

SoccerGemz Testimonials, school soccer programs, first session tips,

~ Matt ~

"The coaches were great at keeping the kids engaged in the games. Soccer Gemz is a awesome program my son was learning without knowing it."

SoccerGemz Testimonials, school soccer programs, first session tips,

~ Rachel ~

"Bailey had a great time during the 7 weeks and he was able to learn and have fun. Soccer Gemz was a great experience."

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