First Session Tips

First Session Tips from Other Parents on How to Best Prepare!

Here at SoccerGemz, we understand that for many of our new families this will be their Gemz first activity or sporting program, so we have taken the time to get feedback from several parents who have participated in the program.  We are excited to have their feedback on how we can make our soccer program better for each family to create a memorable and lasting experience.

We asked parents what are some of the things they wish they knew before their first session and they came up with these 5 first session tips to help you have a GREAT 1st session with your gem!


First Session Tips:

  • Pre-plan the night before and be ready to fully participate.
  • Talk with your Gem before arriving at the field to prepare them for class. Remind them that soccer is coming up and that they are going to have fun.
  • Eat a good breakfast before arriving to the field. Be sure to bring water and snacks.
  • Provide positive feedback and encouragement during session
  • Cheer and encourage other teammates as well as your child. Monkey see, monkey do.
  • Participate with your gem and show interest.

The main take away is to have a positive attitude, have FUN, and encourage your child participate!

Don't forget to share pictures and videos on our Facebook page during the session of your gem in action!

Bench Marks:

Here are some helpful task to help your gem progress and some of the things they should be able to perform in each next respective age group.

Rubyz Class

18 months-2+ yr

  • Dribble ball with either foot
  • Place foot on the ball
  • Sit on ball
  • Do not pick the ball up with hands
  • Kick ball to parent, coach, and into the goal
  • Independently participate in games
  • Follow instructions from coaches
  • Playing with peers with minimal assistance

Pearlz Class

3-5 year old

  • Stop the ball from a pass with either foot
  • Perform pull back move
  • Score goal from 5-10ft away
  • Pass or take ball from peers
  • Dribble with both feet
  • Do not use hands
  • Use inside/top of foot to pass

Diamondz Class

6-8 year old

  • Score in the correct goal
  • Perform move of the day correctly
  • Dribble between cones
  • Dribble with head up
  • Control ball
  • Pass or take the ball from peers
SoccerGemz Testimonials, school soccer programs, first session tips,

~ Darcie ~

"All of our boys were enrolled this session and they loved it! They have learned so much about the game and they've made new friends. Coach Vanessa, Coach Sam, and Coach Eric are so encouraging! Thank you for an awesome experience!"

SoccerGemz Testimonials, school soccer programs, first session tips,

~ Desyree ~

"SoccerGemz has been a great experience for my child. He really enjoys going to practice every week. The coaches do an amazing job of keeping the kids attention and teaching the basic skills in fun ways. I enjoyed seeing his progress in a non-competitive environment. This is a very organized top quality program for kids and parents."

SoccerGemz Testimonials, school soccer programs, first session tips,

~ Daniel ~

"My 2 year old absolutely loved her first SoccerGemz season and we can't wait till the next one starts on October 26th! We were very impressed how many soccer skills our daughter learned in such a short period of time and we love all of the coaches! This is a great soccer program for any little boy or girl and it is just a fun atmosphere to be in!"

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