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Build a Lifetime of Confidence

SoccerGemz curriculum is perfect for new and experienced children.  We will introduce your lil GEM to soccer by using a variety of props. We incorporate brightly colored cones and games include to help them identify color recognition. In addition, Counting and numbers are also an important part of lessons in our weekly sessions. Our coaches understand that having your child learn through play helps their development and improves the overall experience. Imagination and creativity are also an important aspect of how our coaches are to actively engage your child in class. For example, in a lot of our games we have fun and silly terminology such as running fast like a cheetah or slow like a turtle to help them relate to concepts better.


SoccerGemz started in 2012 to offer an outrageously fun way to introduce your young athlete to the exciting game of soccer. Our classes use age appropriate games and drills to build their passion and love for soccer at an early age. Each coach brings passion, personality and a unique approach to coaching that will help to develop your child enjoy their experience. Just drop in any SoccerGemz class and you will see why the success of our program relies on the energy and passion of our dedicated coaches which makes it easy for players to have fun during each class.

So while you won’t see players standing around or boring drills, you will however see coaches running around acting like kids themselves, parent’s positive encouragement and players laughing, learning and having fun.

Our class times and locations provide families options to accommodate multiple children and busy schedules so that means only one class a week. Class sizes are kept small limited to 14 players so that players receive more individual attention to help them develop friendships.

Our Rubyz group starting at 18 months is a great place for parent-child bonding. We require parents to get involved and participate in the fun and creative games. Our lessons allow fundamental listening and movement skills. As our coaches use a variety of learning techniques, shapes, colors, numbers and body parts are introduced to your GEM SoccerGemz gives you the perfect weekend activity to get more involved in a fun and safe environment. Parents began to recognize through patience and repetition of our classes, their GEM weekly improvements. Also there is also nothing that encourages children more than seeing their parents getting involved with the fun!

As your GEM progress and gets older and moves into our Pearlz group they will be independently participating in our exciting games., Our curriculum can help them improve their development further. We start focusing on their development of agility and social development too. Our main focus is for them to continue having fun with our curriculum.

Diamondz - will continue to build and develop their previous skills through fun and creative drill, but they will also be introduced to more advanced skills while continuing to encourage sportsmanship and friendly competition during scrimmages.  As they continue to participate in this level our coaches will reinforce the concept of competition in a friendly way helping prepare them continue to love the game once they age out of the program

Image of Heart and word Reviews for SoccerGemz Testimonials

~ Kristie ~

"So glad we signed up for soccergemz my 2 and 5yr old love it!!! They keep asking when they can go back. The coaches are awesome at keeping them engaged and having fun while still learning about soccer! we can’t wait for the next session."

Image of Heart and word Reviews for SoccerGemz Testimonials

~ Rachel ~

"Bailey had a great time during the 7 weeks and he was able to learn and have fun. Soccer Gemz was a great experience."

Image of Heart and word Reviews for SoccerGemz Testimonials

~ Darcie ~

"All of our boys were enrolled this session and they loved it! They have learned so much about the game and they've made new friends. Coach Vanessa, Coach Sam, and Coach Eric are so encouraging! Thank you for an awesome experience!"

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